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Vehicle Protection Pack

  • Two  Vehicle IDstickers
  • Two IDsticker Key Tags
  • Two enrollments in StolenCarReports.com Vehicle Recovery Program
  • Save 30% off regular price
  • Unlimited number of recoveries
  • Nationwide account coverage
  • Lifetime coverage of IDsticker Key Tags*
  • 24/7 live customer service support

Next to your home, your car, truck, or motorcycle is your most expensive investment. Every year over 1.3 million vehicles are stolen at a cost of over $5 Billion to vehicle owners.  Car thieves steal cars that limit their chances of getting caught with them. Your official Vehicle IDsticker warns thieves that if they steal your car The Nation’s Neighborhood Watch for Stolen Vehicles will be activated and thousands of people in your region will be looking out for your vehicle. Private security cameras will also be scanning for your vehicle.    StolenCarReports.com will pay a reward for any information leading to your vehicle’s recovery. The Vehicle IDsticker is endorsed by auto theft prevention experts as a key component of a layered anti-theft approach for protecting your vehicle.   

  • Your Vehicle Protection Pack protects two different cars and two different sets of keys. Protect all your vehicles.   

*member only pays for S&H on replacement IDsticker Key Tags